On a very cool,quiet and peaceful mid-morning, Konyee, was chilling alone in his isolated, scary house full of indescribable absurd things that only he could expound their essence. As always, he preferred being wrapped up in solitude enjoying endless entertainment from books of all sorts. Indeed he was a weird folk but inflamed with admirable wisdom.

For a moment, he got deeply drowned in his thoughts_ something he does frequently_ that was suddenly interrupted by a knock usually from one of his daily clients who’d trade money for his services.

“Konyeee! Konyee! open the door for me please.” a woman called desperately .

With so much haste, Konyee ran to a seemingly secret room, grabbed his wig and fake beards, put them on, then repositioned himself and replied, with rather an exaggerated version of an old man’s deep voice ,

“if you knew the rules you could tell, I find no delight in people shouting at my door”

“apologies Konyee but I really need your help” pleaded the woman.

“well, who doesn’t? ” he bragged ” what can I do you for?” he enquired.

“I’m supposed to travel abroad to nurse my sick father, I have my flight tickets ready but am too afraid of heights. I don’t know what i’ll do” she sobbed.

“well my dear, don’t be drowned in worry, I can offer you a drink that could discard your fear.” he consoled .

Right away, he took a pot, put in some herbs, added some red powdered substance and water then he lit a fire underneath, also stared at it whilst murmuring a strange language. He then bottled the liquid and handed it over to her.

” take a full spoon every dusk and dawn, for the remaining days then you will be okay” instructed Konyee

“much gratitude. I’ll do exactly as you say” she replied happily.

As usual, she paid Konyee and steered outside immediately. Konyee proudly received his cash and resumed to reading his book. Three hours had worn out before he heard another knock on his door. In, came a woman with a child, with which he ushered them in with pride.

The woman then reported that his son was troubled, one: he fears exams, and two: he can’t sleep alone or sleep when lights are off. Konyee as always had answers to all their problems. Which worked. At least that was the word on the street. He did his same old ritual, gave his strict instructions, received his wages, and lead them out.

“What should we call you now? a wizard, a thief or, a liar? ” questioned Iria_ Konyee’s twin brother- who came in three hours later unannounced.

“that is not a wise way to greet your look alike, is it?”

” am definitely not here for any pleasantries, why are you disgracing our father’s name by stealing from these people?” he asked, disappointment plastered all over his face.

“well, I may be many things but thieving isn’t one of them. I’m merely a brilliant man who receives ‘thank you’s’ for specific services I offer, I mean isn’t that what we all do? Trade.” he explained

“This is the time we pretend, we both don’t know that you are lying,” Iria whispered while sitting next to his brother. “Konyee since when did you become a wizard of any sort? what happens when they realize that you’ve disguised yourself into an old man, sweeping their pockets with no guaranteed healing? what if they realize that none of your potions are real or much worse how they won’t get help as they anticipated.”

“come down brother you worry too much, none of them will ever revolt, I mean it’s been 14 months now, you actually think they have any indictments? Besides, I’m not conning anyone I’m merely helping them help themselves, only with a token of appreciation,” Konyee justified.

“Oh wow! So I should do what now? Jump in sheer ecstasy for my brother has found solace in madness?” Iria Exclaimed sarcastically.

Chuckling dramatically, Konyee retorted, “you think this is madness?its saddening to witness how loud Ignorance can scream.I just told you mine is to help them help themselves.”

“How so? It’s evident you are manipulating this poor souls to your advantage. If not, why do you disguise yourself before servicing them?” Inquired Iria.

” First off, I particularly “cure” specific conditions. None of my clients has ever come asking to be cured from, corona, malaria, cancer , brain tumor you name it, from me.”he explained.

“You know why? ” he continued. ” because I’m neither a doctor nor a wizard. I can’t heal no one. But I ” cast out” their fears. I enable them to eliminate their own fears by plainly creating an illusion of some super power that (they believe) drastically eradicate their fears. And the veneer? It’s just another way of befriending their brain.

An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure. That’s a Chinese saying.Human beings believe that an older person is well versed with wisdom to haggle any challenge. So, personifying an old man guaranteed them 100% hopes of healing.” He smiled, putting one leg on top of the other then after slightly leaning he continued,

“Fear, my brother, is like malady and it’s symptoms manifests itself through our actions and inaction. The only person who can deal with any fear is the bearer of it. I only act like a stepping stone.

Fear is just in your head, and once you chase it out you are free of anything whatsoever.Once you accept and believe that you can’t do it , it’ll register in every nerve in your body and vice versa.Same applies to fear once you fear something, that fear dominates and eventually, it morphs to a controlling freak. If anything, (after God) what we should dangerously fear in this world is fear itself.”

“What about your potions? ” Iria replied looking at his brother quizzically.

“The ” potions” I give out are nothing, they are simply an assortment of tea leaves, echinacea, Parsely and many other healthy herbs which bring no harm to anyone. But after taking them, they undoubtedly believe it has fought their fears, while in all honesty, they overcame the fear themselves.” He pointed out, whilst staring at his pot.

Then looked at Iria for 30 seconds as if extracting more information, then continued with a soft voice “

” Everyone gets scared; fear is an unavoidable facet of the human experience.

I mean people generally consider fear an unpleasant emotion, but some go out of their way to trigger it .

Because only your mind can produce fear, and get rid of it too.

Look at the bigger picture, I’m actually saving the world.” He exclaimed with a gladly prideful smile.

” well, I….I….I didn’t see it that way”. Iria stuttered Looking down in deep thoughts.

“Of course you didn’t, how could you, when you were busy compiling the best names to incriminate me…” He reckoned.

“But wait, wait….so you mean, you literally save their lives with your fake potions ? He consulted, still in sheer confusion.

Here’s what I mean, the antidote for your fear is right inside your head. None of us need any potions or any sort of charms to get rid of it. You just gotta push the scary red button. Besides, a person living in fear is no better than a prisoner.”Konyee expounded.

“So how do I get rid of this fear?” Iria asked folding his hands in his chest waiting for the response attentively.

“Very simple, it all began in the mind and it ends there. There is entirely no medicine for fear.”he explained eyeing Iria’s curious facade.

“But Konyee, even so, what’s the point of trying to deal with this fears when this world is a cocktail of endless suffering?” He complained, while his body language oozed hopelessness.

“A man who is afraid of suffering is suffering from fear itself. Kill the fear and gain your control and full power.” Konyee responded conclusively, touching his fake beard playfully.

He then, sipped water from a plastic bottle -that he always had behind a seemingly old stool that held some of his books_ with his tongue, he mopped across his lips then warned, “if you ever think for a second that I’m deluding this people, then bear in mind that, It’s even much more better to be mugged than to live a life of fear.”

Silence married Konyee’s room for about five minutes before someone knocked the door. Upon hearing this, Konyee smiled and said,” Let’s save the world.”




  1. “When a man fear suffering indeed he has an antidote of fear right inside his head”. What an insightful article. Thank you for reminding us to deal with the fear within our minds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this beautiful article Jue. It’s so inspiring. Fear starts in the mind and can only end by transforming the mind. Actually everything starts in the mind.

      Liked by 1 person

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