“Why is all this happening? what did I do to deserve this? Asked one of the twins, who has been nagging the entire morning. “why is God so silent about this?” Benita kept complaining. “sometimes I also wonder the kind of plans God claims to have for us” her 30 minutes older sister agreed with her.

“This was my only chance to go to London, and God knows how much I needed this opportunity, why? why? would He snatch that chance away?” She added angrily. “Some of the people who got the chance didn’t even put the hard work, they weren’t even as qualified as I was. Why do I have to go through this. What did I miss?” She cried out.

“Why did God give me high hopes if He knew , He was going to drop me half way, He was capable of changing my situation, but he chose not to. This scholarship was my only way out? ” she sobbed.

“I felt the same sis when I was desperately in need of my passport, when I got that sudden accident, I kept thinking, where was God when I was struggling helplessly, He abandoned me when I needed him the most, He insists on having good plans for us, but this? this does not look like it.” Complained Sandra.

They kept yelling and yapping meanwhile, their mother was quite the entire time, she kept cleaning the dishes as if nothing was going on. She stole glances but said nothing.

” I repeatedly mentioned to God how important this scholarship was… But…(crying) how can I trust a father who doesn’t even care about my desires.” she yelled

About 10 minutes later the mother said, since you two seem to be extremely infuriated by God, let’s go for a walk, cool off, everything will be okay.

” Sounds like a good plan, let me freshen up , I’ll be out in a few. replied Sandra. They got ready rushed to the car and they drove away.

They pulled over on the streets, where they walked towards a group of street kids that were crying not far from the road , the mother said hi and right away she asked, “what is it that you wish for God to do for you?” one of the kids reply, “get us a meal for the day and a blanket to sustain the cold at night.

Benta’s mother took them to a restaurant bought them food and dropped them at a convenient orphanage, therefore she gave out cash to the care givers purposefully for their wellbeing . Mind you, the twins were following side by side, completely stunned by what was going on.

As they stepped out to leave, Benta’s mother spotted a small girl in a corner crying alone, seemingly 7 or 8 years old. She stopped by and asked, “why are you crying?” I miss my parents, I just wish they were here with me.” She replied in sobs. Benta’s mom immediately embraced her as she whispered something to her. The twins on the other hand were socked in tears and at this moment none of them uttered a word .

Afterwards, they then veered towards the hospital, where they went around passing by patients, with cancer, Asthma, different chronic diseases, some were physically disadvantaged some were blind, others had just lost their loved ones, patients fighting for their lives, fighting different pain and traumas. And to every patient they paid visits to, swore they would trade anything for their health.

That evening there was an unusual silence as they headed back home, on arrival, the mother questioned, “Does any of you understand why I took you out today?”

The twins stood there, eyes facing down and none of them uttered a word or moved an inch.

” I wanted to practically show you, how many things you have to be grateful for. Do you even have an idea how much God loves and cares about you. The fact that you are breathing is enough to be grateful each morning, did you see how the hospital was full of patients of all sorts, do you know how blessed you are to be healthy and alive? And its not because God hates them either, its because you are highly favored.” she explained.

“Did you see that girl from the orphanage, her only wish is to have her parents with her, considering how little she is, she has survived without them, but you, you have both parents alive, strong, loving and supportive , you evidently didn’t count that as a blessing, did you? you have a house to shelter yourself, clothes for God knows all occasion , you get a balanced diet 3 times a day, and you think that’s normal. you think everyone is getting that kind of life?” she continued to question.

“In addition, you were blessed to go to school, and many other previledges. How do you even begin to question God’s love for you? how is it possible that you can complain without a pinch of guilt in you. And you are grumbling because of what again? passports, scholarships huh?… when someone else is praying for half the life you are living.? she added.

“You’ve delved so much in your little problems, and much worse shamelessly comparing them to God, that you’ve forgotten what He has already done for you and most significantly what He intends to do. My dear daughters, what has your name on i , will not go to anyone else. So it’s even illegal to be skeptical about God’s plans for you when evidence of His presence is scattered all around you. I have lived enough years to know that a grateful person is rich in contentment while an ungrateful person suffers from the Poverty of discontentment. Let me tell you, gratitude erases all negativity, do you know why? joy and depression cannot exist at the same time.” she advised.

NOT YET doesn’t mean NO, so replace those complains that’s on your mind and heart with sheer gratification. You only have what you have because God allowed it, so you can never ever, under no circumstances question his intent for you. You kill more blessings by not being grateful , stop focusing on what you don’t have and all the things you wish you had, you have EVERYTHING that you need, you have GOD. Trust His ways and timings.

And those were her last words before she stood and steered straight to her bedroom.


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