“Why is all this happening? what did I do to deserve this? Asked one of the twins, who has been nagging the entire morning. “why is God so silent about this?” Benita kept complaining. “sometimes I also wonder the kind of plans God claims to have for us” her 30 minutes older sister agreed with her.

“This was my only chance to go to London, and God knows how much I needed this opportunity, why? why? would He snatch that chance away?” She added angrily. “Some of the people who got the chance didn’t even put the hard work, they weren’t even as qualified as I was. Why do I have to go through this. What did I miss?” She cried out.

“Why did God give me high hopes if He knew , He was going to drop me half way, He was capable of changing my situation, but he chose not to. This scholarship was my only way out? ” she sobbed.

“I felt the same sis when I was desperately in need of my passport, when I got that sudden accident, I kept thinking, where was God when I was struggling helplessly, He abandoned me when I needed him the most, He insists on having good plans for us, but this? this does not look like it.” Complained Sandra.

They kept yelling and yapping meanwhile, their mother was quite the entire time, she kept cleaning the dishes as if nothing was going on. She stole glances but said nothing.

” I repeatedly mentioned to God how important this scholarship was… But…(crying) how can I trust a father who doesn’t even care about my desires.” she yelled

About 10 minutes later the mother said, since you two seem to be extremely infuriated by God, let’s go for a walk, cool off, everything will be okay.

” Sounds like a good plan, let me freshen up , I’ll be out in a few. replied Sandra. They got ready rushed to the car and they drove away.

They pulled over on the streets, where they walked towards a group of street kids that were crying not far from the road , the mother said hi and right away she asked, “what is it that you wish for God to do for you?” one of the kids reply, “get us a meal for the day and a blanket to sustain the cold at night.

Benta’s mother took them to a restaurant bought them food and dropped them at a convenient orphanage, therefore she gave out cash to the care givers purposefully for their wellbeing . Mind you, the twins were following side by side, completely stunned by what was going on.

As they stepped out to leave, Benta’s mother spotted a small girl in a corner crying alone, seemingly 7 or 8 years old. She stopped by and asked, “why are you crying?” I miss my parents, I just wish they were here with me.” She replied in sobs. Benta’s mom immediately embraced her as she whispered something to her. The twins on the other hand were socked in tears and at this moment none of them uttered a word .

Afterwards, they then veered towards the hospital, where they went around passing by patients, with cancer, Asthma, different chronic diseases, some were physically disadvantaged some were blind, others had just lost their loved ones, patients fighting for their lives, fighting different pain and traumas. And to every patient they paid visits to, swore they would trade anything for their health.

That evening there was an unusual silence as they headed back home, on arrival, the mother questioned, “Does any of you understand why I took you out today?”

The twins stood there, eyes facing down and none of them uttered a word or moved an inch.

” I wanted to practically show you, how many things you have to be grateful for. Do you even have an idea how much God loves and cares about you. The fact that you are breathing is enough to be grateful each morning, did you see how the hospital was full of patients of all sorts, do you know how blessed you are to be healthy and alive? And its not because God hates them either, its because you are highly favored.” she explained.

“Did you see that girl from the orphanage, her only wish is to have her parents with her, considering how little she is, she has survived without them, but you, you have both parents alive, strong, loving and supportive , you evidently didn’t count that as a blessing, did you? you have a house to shelter yourself, clothes for God knows all occasion , you get a balanced diet 3 times a day, and you think that’s normal. you think everyone is getting that kind of life?” she continued to question.

“In addition, you were blessed to go to school, and many other previledges. How do you even begin to question God’s love for you? how is it possible that you can complain without a pinch of guilt in you. And you are grumbling because of what again? passports, scholarships huh?… when someone else is praying for half the life you are living.? she added.

“You’ve delved so much in your little problems, and much worse shamelessly comparing them to God, that you’ve forgotten what He has already done for you and most significantly what He intends to do. My dear daughters, what has your name on i , will not go to anyone else. So it’s even illegal to be skeptical about God’s plans for you when evidence of His presence is scattered all around you. I have lived enough years to know that a grateful person is rich in contentment while an ungrateful person suffers from the Poverty of discontentment. Let me tell you, gratitude erases all negativity, do you know why? joy and depression cannot exist at the same time.” she advised.

NOT YET doesn’t mean NO, so replace those complains that’s on your mind and heart with sheer gratification. You only have what you have because God allowed it, so you can never ever, under no circumstances question his intent for you. You kill more blessings by not being grateful , stop focusing on what you don’t have and all the things you wish you had, you have EVERYTHING that you need, you have GOD. Trust His ways and timings.

And those were her last words before she stood and steered straight to her bedroom.



On a very cool,quiet and peaceful mid-morning, Konyee, was chilling alone in his isolated, scary house full of indescribable absurd things that only he could expound their essence. As always, he preferred being wrapped up in solitude enjoying endless entertainment from books of all sorts. Indeed he was a weird folk but inflamed with admirable wisdom.

For a moment, he got deeply drowned in his thoughts_ something he does frequently_ that was suddenly interrupted by a knock usually from one of his daily clients who’d trade money for his services.

“Konyeee! Konyee! open the door for me please.” a woman called desperately .

With so much haste, Konyee ran to a seemingly secret room, grabbed his wig and fake beards, put them on, then repositioned himself and replied, with rather an exaggerated version of an old man’s deep voice ,

“if you knew the rules you could tell, I find no delight in people shouting at my door”

“apologies Konyee but I really need your help” pleaded the woman.

“well, who doesn’t? ” he bragged ” what can I do you for?” he enquired.

“I’m supposed to travel abroad to nurse my sick father, I have my flight tickets ready but am too afraid of heights. I don’t know what i’ll do” she sobbed.

“well my dear, don’t be drowned in worry, I can offer you a drink that could discard your fear.” he consoled .

Right away, he took a pot, put in some herbs, added some red powdered substance and water then he lit a fire underneath, also stared at it whilst murmuring a strange language. He then bottled the liquid and handed it over to her.

” take a full spoon every dusk and dawn, for the remaining days then you will be okay” instructed Konyee

“much gratitude. I’ll do exactly as you say” she replied happily.

As usual, she paid Konyee and steered outside immediately. Konyee proudly received his cash and resumed to reading his book. Three hours had worn out before he heard another knock on his door. In, came a woman with a child, with which he ushered them in with pride.

The woman then reported that his son was troubled, one: he fears exams, and two: he can’t sleep alone or sleep when lights are off. Konyee as always had answers to all their problems. Which worked. At least that was the word on the street. He did his same old ritual, gave his strict instructions, received his wages, and lead them out.

“What should we call you now? a wizard, a thief or, a liar? ” questioned Iria_ Konyee’s twin brother- who came in three hours later unannounced.

“that is not a wise way to greet your look alike, is it?”

” am definitely not here for any pleasantries, why are you disgracing our father’s name by stealing from these people?” he asked, disappointment plastered all over his face.

“well, I may be many things but thieving isn’t one of them. I’m merely a brilliant man who receives ‘thank you’s’ for specific services I offer, I mean isn’t that what we all do? Trade.” he explained

“This is the time we pretend, we both don’t know that you are lying,” Iria whispered while sitting next to his brother. “Konyee since when did you become a wizard of any sort? what happens when they realize that you’ve disguised yourself into an old man, sweeping their pockets with no guaranteed healing? what if they realize that none of your potions are real or much worse how they won’t get help as they anticipated.”

“come down brother you worry too much, none of them will ever revolt, I mean it’s been 14 months now, you actually think they have any indictments? Besides, I’m not conning anyone I’m merely helping them help themselves, only with a token of appreciation,” Konyee justified.

“Oh wow! So I should do what now? Jump in sheer ecstasy for my brother has found solace in madness?” Iria Exclaimed sarcastically.

Chuckling dramatically, Konyee retorted, “you think this is madness?its saddening to witness how loud Ignorance can scream.I just told you mine is to help them help themselves.”

“How so? It’s evident you are manipulating this poor souls to your advantage. If not, why do you disguise yourself before servicing them?” Inquired Iria.

” First off, I particularly “cure” specific conditions. None of my clients has ever come asking to be cured from, corona, malaria, cancer , brain tumor you name it, from me.”he explained.

“You know why? ” he continued. ” because I’m neither a doctor nor a wizard. I can’t heal no one. But I ” cast out” their fears. I enable them to eliminate their own fears by plainly creating an illusion of some super power that (they believe) drastically eradicate their fears. And the veneer? It’s just another way of befriending their brain.

An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure. That’s a Chinese saying.Human beings believe that an older person is well versed with wisdom to haggle any challenge. So, personifying an old man guaranteed them 100% hopes of healing.” He smiled, putting one leg on top of the other then after slightly leaning he continued,

“Fear, my brother, is like malady and it’s symptoms manifests itself through our actions and inaction. The only person who can deal with any fear is the bearer of it. I only act like a stepping stone.

Fear is just in your head, and once you chase it out you are free of anything whatsoever.Once you accept and believe that you can’t do it , it’ll register in every nerve in your body and vice versa.Same applies to fear once you fear something, that fear dominates and eventually, it morphs to a controlling freak. If anything, (after God) what we should dangerously fear in this world is fear itself.”

“What about your potions? ” Iria replied looking at his brother quizzically.

“The ” potions” I give out are nothing, they are simply an assortment of tea leaves, echinacea, Parsely and many other healthy herbs which bring no harm to anyone. But after taking them, they undoubtedly believe it has fought their fears, while in all honesty, they overcame the fear themselves.” He pointed out, whilst staring at his pot.

Then looked at Iria for 30 seconds as if extracting more information, then continued with a soft voice “

” Everyone gets scared; fear is an unavoidable facet of the human experience.

I mean people generally consider fear an unpleasant emotion, but some go out of their way to trigger it .

Because only your mind can produce fear, and get rid of it too.

Look at the bigger picture, I’m actually saving the world.” He exclaimed with a gladly prideful smile.

” well, I….I….I didn’t see it that way”. Iria stuttered Looking down in deep thoughts.

“Of course you didn’t, how could you, when you were busy compiling the best names to incriminate me…” He reckoned.

“But wait, wait….so you mean, you literally save their lives with your fake potions ? He consulted, still in sheer confusion.

Here’s what I mean, the antidote for your fear is right inside your head. None of us need any potions or any sort of charms to get rid of it. You just gotta push the scary red button. Besides, a person living in fear is no better than a prisoner.”Konyee expounded.

“So how do I get rid of this fear?” Iria asked folding his hands in his chest waiting for the response attentively.

“Very simple, it all began in the mind and it ends there. There is entirely no medicine for fear.”he explained eyeing Iria’s curious facade.

“But Konyee, even so, what’s the point of trying to deal with this fears when this world is a cocktail of endless suffering?” He complained, while his body language oozed hopelessness.

“A man who is afraid of suffering is suffering from fear itself. Kill the fear and gain your control and full power.” Konyee responded conclusively, touching his fake beard playfully.

He then, sipped water from a plastic bottle -that he always had behind a seemingly old stool that held some of his books_ with his tongue, he mopped across his lips then warned, “if you ever think for a second that I’m deluding this people, then bear in mind that, It’s even much more better to be mugged than to live a life of fear.”

Silence married Konyee’s room for about five minutes before someone knocked the door. Upon hearing this, Konyee smiled and said,” Let’s save the world.”




It’s Covid-19 of course, who else is to blame? It invaded, took over, and now it’s running the show. Coronavirus has contradicted everyone’s plans, especially Kenyans who were caught unprepared.We are now left hanging in the balance, hoping for the day we will wake up from this nightmare.

In the name of embracing the new normal, most universities introduced online studies and later on, online exams. Online studies in itself, is a good initiative, its actually great. My question is, is it accessible to everyone? On what grounds was this decision made? Did they even scrutinize the whole situation first?

I mean, let’s call a spade a spade, THIS IS KENYA! Do we really need to be reminded (given the pandemic effects) that most of us have been inconvenienced and therefore struggling to survive? Who doesn’t know for a fact that money circulation is currently scarce?

Listen, I’m homeless as a result of floods, living with my sickly single mom and my siblings who literally depend on me. The effects of COVID-19 hit me directly since I depend on small jobs (vibarua) that are unavailable now. We barely eat twice a day depending on what I can raise. Mind you, I’m a student who’s trying to balance work and school. Funny enough, I’m still expected to study online, how am I supposed to achieve that when am physically drowned, emotionally interrupted, mentally disturbed and financially stuck?

How about me, I reside from the furthest rural area, I can only access 2G, a very weak network. Due to this, my phone can barely receive messages leave alone open the E-learning program. Moreover, I don’t have electricity so I have to walk a few kilometers to charge my phone which definitely is an added expense. Does this mean I don’t deserve to study like others?

I am another victim, It’s not my fault I come from a poor background, is it? I don’t have a smartphone, a laptop or a computer. My unemployed parents depend on farming of which with the new normal scarcely pays. We live from hand to mouth, which is a challenge. Therefore, it makes visiting a cyber Cafe a subsequence. I’m trying my best not to drag behind, but with our current economic times, it’s a challenge to catch up with the online studies.

On my side, I guess I got lucky, I live with my parents and two sisters. I pursue engineering as a course. I possess an iPhone, my own laptop and a home computer. I have a Wi-Fi installation that I can access in the comfort of my room. Gladly, I can’t complain of house chores because I have an amazing house help who is presumably a perfectionist. I eat on schedule and exercise well before tuning in for my online studies. However, online learning has far more disadvantages than merits. Sometimes it’s a major headache before I get connected. Personally, I don’t gather fully as compared to attending classes given that its more of PDFs. As an engineering student, I gather much in practicals than theory, which is not applicable online. Moreover, in zoom approximately 50 out of 300 students attend the classes continuously.

I mean,

Those are my friends, my roommates, my classmates, and students that deserve to learn too.

What did you do instead? You bottled up our complaints by promising us that you’ll provide free bundles, that you’ve partnered with Safaricom and Telkom to offer us unlimited bundles to ensure students remain consistent (which automatically excludes the ones without smartphones and those from areas with a poor network) It all made sense until I realized what was in it for you. The offer was on specifically, for those who can clear fees. You practically planned the whole sequence. Forced online exams, which rely on forced online classes, that’s not accessible without fee clearance. Hello! in case yall forgot, the arrival of the coronavirus is not our fault.

As if the effects of COVID-19 are not enough, some universities still have the audacity to consider fee increment. Clearly, we are facing the hardest economic times now, what do you want our parents to do? This is not the right time to prioritize your personal interests.

Well, a university is a place that has students from different diversities. My point is, you knew we were from different backgrounds before you accepted us into your institutions and I stand corrected. why else are you turning a deaf ear? This is literally a ghost year for all of us. Do you really believe we are learning? Is it not a total strain for nothing?

Okay, let’s just assume it was possible for all of us to access online studies, which is not, how are you planning to accomplish this? I pursue catering, how will you teach me via zoom? What about us in medical science departments, what’s your expectations? Am a journalism student, how am I supposed to pass my online exams without the necessary practical equipment? Then surprisingly, in the near future, you are the same people who’ll chase us out of your offices and tear up our CVs in the name of poor quality degrees. SHAAAAAAME!!!

Probably, right now you are thinking, we are the enemy of progress, we fear to embrace change, we’re too naive to understand, we like complaining or even worse we fear exams. Let’s be realistic for a second, I’m a medicine student, I’ll graduate with an online exam, right? then what? you expect me to perform a successful surgery in future?…………… I thought so.

Thing is, I don’t mind repeating my semester, I’d rather strive for quality knowledge than half baked degrees. That’s exactly why I applied for regular classes, it’s my preferred mode of studies. School is a much favorable environment for studies. We get to focus on one thing at a time. Besides, attending lectures and having one on one interactive classes, helps us to psychologically prepare for exams. Some of us grasp a lot in class as compared to personal studies. Why are you making this hard for us?

Everyone has a right to education and we all deserve a quality education. Let’s face reality, Poverty is a part of us, we belong in a multiplicity society. We have the privileged and the less privileged. So many students have gone through mental torture during this period due to pressure from all directions. Did you consider for a minute, if every student will benefit?……..Its evident you didn’t.

All we request from you is equity, inclusivity and sensitivity. Is that too much to ask?


Life is good, beautiful and yummy, they say, enjoy it when you still can…haha wake up!!!!!

they sugar-coated, everything,

…ooh yes they did…

how naive, they cuddled us into falling for those illusions and skipped literally the authenticity and real nature of life. They didn’t mention there were struggles, they didn’t say tough decisions had to be made, I mean they didn’t dare to specify that we will have to lose to gain.

Well, I sat myself down ,did some long hard meditation and I came to realize they didn’t care_at all_ to mention that life can be a cold-blooded betrayer, extremely biased sometimes racist, sexist and the fact that it has no mercy. I suppose, they preferred not to expose all its nature. Or perhaps its meant for us to find out.

Consequently, this is what I found out, life has a companion too… her name is TIME, ooh yes… together they can completely enslave and cave anyone in a cage full of darkness and utter confusion.

The holy book states, Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. wow… impressively encouraging

well, am not one to question God, but life makes it sound like there is a specific language we should use, or an exact place to seek, makes it appear like perhaps we’ve been knocking on the wrong door all along. To be precise, LIFE contradicts everything, sayings,quotes, schedules even plans. Its just how it is. Unpredictable.

Mom said we are all born of God and that we are the same in His eyes, but life confirms that some are meant to enjoy life and others must strive first before they break free.

me : Jesus loves me…

life : haha…are you sure?

me: whatever i ask in His name I receive..

life: hilarious, why else are you suicidal??

See, It questions every belief, everything you rely on, leaves you mentally paralyzed, spiritually weak and physically numb.

Nevertheless, its true. life is beautifully fulfilling, exquisitely adorable..


it can also be extremely ugly, torturous and profoundly boring. *side note*… it doesn’t come with filters or shortcuts.

Anyway, life bares all the goodies, but dare not quote-unquote life, its a REALIST, and it only dances to the beats you drum.

You know, on the surface everything seems perfect, on the run and candid. However, people have masked themselves for so long that, no one recognizes the faces beneath. Henceforth, everyone fears to relate with the person behind the mask. And that…that makes life more unbearable, uncertain and scary.

Everyone (in one way or the other) strives to appear the most righteous, most intelligent, most successful and forgetting most importantly what life entails. Definitely, no one wants to fail or be pegged as vulnerable, we hate to be judged,we desire to be understood, to be hugged with loyalty,respect, honesty,and love but sadly we don’t offer the same. Its just how we behave.

And then what???

we end up judging and hating on each other for the very same mistake, we all make

Pretense is the new normal, it has massively escalated in the recent days, people fake to fit in. everyone is saying am hanging up on this, am not going down with that, I don’t want fake friends,

cut the bullshit…

deep down you somehow camouflage too, you fake-fine everything, you fake-smile most people. Eventually, it becomes a tit for tat game, you ignore someone, you get ignored by someone else. You hate someone they reciprocate , you point fingers same happens to you, you judge, you get judged. That’s the human nature,we believe vengeance is the antidote for each pain. Sadly, it complicates our lives too. Even so,we assume, it is what it is.

Karma on the other hand, spares no single soul, it favors no one, its doesn’t care how beautiful you are,how successful you think you are or how heavy your pocket is …no amount of bribe can change its career.It works for the innocent, broken, the weak and voiceless. Its just as it is. It haunts till your last breath.

Always remember that sweet delusions is nowhere near as attractive as the reality, take it or leave it, but don’t fool yourself there’re shortcuts, because there’s none. Do as you may, and forget not that karma is a bitch. Therefore, those who genuinely value authenticity, honesty, reality, friendship

and believes in faith, hope, patience and hard work, you can approve that,

life HAHAHA…


You can’t pin me down🤗🤗

Hacking my blog is utter foolishness.

It depicts all manner of extinct madness

Honestly, with your childishness!!

How’d you even catch up with my stylishness?

This stupidity deserves thunder canes.

I mean art is never about fame,

It’s about your aim.

And before the final satisfying gain

I Kid you not,it’s born of pain

Thumbs up, you achieved it right?

Yea , It must be a form of rite.

Stealing, then sitting tight.!

And by the way, can you even write?

Look at me, yes you!!

Tell you what? Your days are due,

As for me, thanks, am brand new

And I’ll forever be JUE.

This is for all the dim-witted heads who enjoy stealing other people’s thunder. Hacking people’s account will make you miserable forever. it’s a shame.

Word of advice: use those skills to escalate yourself.